The boys' new bedroom
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    DefaultThe boys' new bedroom

    Now that we are out of crisis mode, let's talk about something funny:

    So the boys have a new bedroom. It started when we had a Christmas party here last weekend. We needed somewhere to put them where they couldn't get into anything, and partygoers would not be tempted to feed them chocolate covered cherries. :P We decided on the upstairs office, which is a spare bedroom we converted into a sort of library. Mostly just books, and boxes of things.

    Of course, we still couldn't leave them in there uncrated. I can just picture the mess! Also, as you know, Simon has issues with crating. He takes it by spells. Sometimes he doesn't mind, other times he throws a complete hissy.

    We thought if Kevin took them somewhere and got them really, really tired we could crate them for the few hours it would take to do the party. We moved Angus' wire crate upstairs for Simon and set up Angus' show crate for him to sleep in.

    Well I don't know if it's the novelty or what, but MAN, they are ALL ABOUT this new arrangement! Maybe it's because that room has always been more or less off-limits as we usually keep the door shut. Maybe it's because it's on the same floor as our bedroom, so they feel closer to us. But MAN, they are trying to get up there to those crates every time I turn around! It is a race up the stairs every night, and they are both jumping in like they just CANNOT WAIT, it is THAT EXCITING!

    They seem to be enjoying it so much that we've just left it that way for now. I was thinking maybe we could convert that bedroom into "their" bedroom. It really wouldn't be a huge loss. I'd just have to juggle a few things on shelves. There are some things in those boxes that it wouldn't be cool if they got into. Of course, if they are only sleeping in their crates in there...stilll, better safe than sorry.

    It's just so weird how much they dig it. Even Simon seems thrilled to go into the crate in that room.


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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    How strange...But if they are happy about it...who cares!! ;D

    I think Labs are soooo "out there". You never really know what makes them tick. You think you've figured it out and then BAM! they turn around and do something to completely throw your theory off
    But as long as they are happy. It's alllllll good in the hood!
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    Maybe they're like kids finally being allowed to eat dinner at the grown-ups table?

    WTG Angus and Simon!
    Dot in Northern Illinois

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    I remember when I got my own room and how exciting it was

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    haha, very cute!

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    Oh, sure, it's all good now. But wait 'til you're finding back-issues of Playdog magazine under their crate pans. And they start building a pyramid wall out of Iams can empties. And "Who Let the Dogs Out" plays loud enough to crack the plaster!!

    ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom

    Whatever you do, don't give them their own TV, computer, or phone in there, you'll never get them out.
    Toby and Chamois say: GO STEELERS!

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    DefaultRe: The boys' new bedroom


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