can my dog drink milk?
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Thread: can my dog drink milk?

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    jmburton Guest

    Defaultcan my dog drink milk?

    my oldest dog shadow isnt much of an eater like shady . he just really doesnt care to eat . so i've been trying for the past few weeks to find something that he would go crazy for and that he couldnt pick out the good stuff. so i tried some iams sauce wich worked for a day or two. i tried mayo but he didnt touch it.

    then i douced it with milk!! he loves it! is it ok to give him milk on his food?

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    AngusFangus is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: can my dog drink milk?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I do know that some dogs are lactose intolerant.

    What are you feeding the dogs?

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    DefaultRe: can my dog drink milk?

    Cierra loves milk she is a fox hound. Cinnamon also likes it and as it doesn't effect either one negatively we give it to them occassionly. Cierra is a little sneak thief. If my SIL sets her glass of milk down Cierra will drink it even though she knows she gets in trouble for doing it. She loves it that much.

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    DefaultRe: can my dog drink milk?

    Lazy drinks milk every morning. I eat my cereal and then give her the bowl so she can drink the left over milk.

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    DefaultRe: can my dog drink milk?

    For a long time, I was sharing half a cup of soft-serve (ice cream substitute) with Puff without any problems.

    Then she started producing soft (think mashed potatoes consistency) poops.

    After discontinuing the dairy product, her stools have become much firmer.

    Lactose intolerance is something that many people get as they age and apparently that's true for dogs as well.
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    jmburton Guest

    DefaultRe: can my dog drink milk?

    awesome. finally a solution with an abundantly available resource.. milk!

    i read if they seem to tolerate it, it's all good. i'm feeding authority (petsmart brand) and since i switched to the authority they've both been eating better. Alot! less poopen too !!


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