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Thread: Secret Santa Gifts Arrived...THANK YOU SUE (Lablover) -LOTS OF PICS

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    DefaultSecret Santa Gifts Arrived...THANK YOU SUE (Lablover) -LOTS OF PICS


    What a great surprise!! Our secret santa gifts arrived last night and while we were originally going to wait for Christmas, the kids and dogs, and yes, Mom and Dad too...just couldnt wait!! It was so much fun watching them!

    Let me set the stage!!

    Gift arrives via mailman, kids go crazy!

    "What is it Mom?"
    "Who is it for?"
    "Can we see?"

    All while running off the sugar high from our goodies we baked over the weekend!! As I go in search for batteries for the camera, my oldest already has the box open and is starting to inspect the packages!!

    "There's stuff in here for us too Mom"

    Dogs come running, they must have smelled all the goodies!!

    Zuki comes first, what do you have Noah?

    Ohhh...let me check that out!! Smells yummy in here!

    Hmmm...which one do we open first?

    These smell awesome, now, how do I open this package? Mom???

    Griffin likes these....fortune cookies!! For me?

    Griffin hogs most of the stuffed animals!! A stuffed duck, a mini woofus, and a bone!!

    Ohhh...these are yummy!! You should try this one Mom!!

    We made out!!! Look at all these goodies!! Coloring books for the kids, a scrapbook and ornament for Mom and Dad, and LOTS AND LOTS of yummy goodies for the boys!!!

    Kids enjoying their new coloring books! Brennan in the background enjoying the box the packages came in!!

    And Brennan too!! This is a rare photo....he is 2 years old and VERY ACTIVE!! But the coloring books caught his attention for a little while!!

    And...Griffin hogging the stuffed toys again!! He kept hiding them all night!!

    Sue, we cant thank you enough!! I just love the scrapbook, such an awesome idea! How did you know I love to scrapbook? LOL! The ornament is awesome, do you know its our first lab ornament!! How cool is that? We didnt realize that we didnt have one until we put it on the tree last night, so it will always be special to us!! Thanks for thinking of the kids, they had a blast enjoying the fun!! Coloring books are always a hit, especially with my two oldest...they love to color and draw!

    Thanks again, the boys surely made out!! They have been playing non stop with the mini woofus and duck!! Griffin has successfully managed to hide the bone already, we heard him squeaking it earlier but when we tried to find him he ran around the house with it and hid it again!! He is such a hoot! The treats are awesome too, they now have a fresh supply in their cookie jar!! YEAH!!!

    Hugs to you!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

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    DefaultRe: Secret Santa Gifts Arrived...THANK YOU SUE (Lablover) -LOTS OF PICS

    Great pics! And what a thoughtful SS you have!
    Laura & CJ in New Hampshire

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    DefaultRe: Secret Santa Gifts Arrived...THANK YOU SUE (Lablover) -LOTS OF PICS

    Glad everything got there in one piece. I looks like everything was a big hit with everyone. I just could not send a package for just the dogs when there are kids in the home! I know coloring books are a kids best friend and when I spotted those I knew that is what they needed to keep them busy for awhile. Sure am glad you like to scrapbook. I found those simple scrapbooks and figured anyone could add a picture to the page and it would look nice even if they didn't scrapbook. :P

    Griffin is just like Fudge, give him a stuff toy and it is his forever. Nutmeg is the treat hog! Glad the dogs like everything!

    Have a very Merry Christmas.


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