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    Defaultbarry just loves other dogs

    Hi everyone!
    this is my first post!

    I'm a relatively new lab owner! I was given my very first yellow lab- Barry at 10 weeks old- last March and he's proceeded to become the love of my life!

    He's currently 16 months old and thinks he's pretty damn fantastic!

    He's really well behaved around the house but I'm hoping to find a cure for his need to bark at other dogs while we're's rather embarassing and frightening for the other dogs when they can't tell he's just waayyyy too excited for his own good and is trying to be friendly!

    I've asked a few people and consulted some trainers and am trying to find a method that best works for me!

    Any suggestions would be fantastic!

    Kind Regards

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    When he's barking at the other dogs, is he pulling towards them? Wagging his tail?

    What kind of collar do you walk him with?

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    Try teaching a watch me command

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    He is amazing !

    I am working on the same problem so I can sympathise !

    "Watch " sounds all well and good but only if the dog will listen.

    I put them in the sit position and use "leave it" until the other dog has passed.

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    It will take a lot of patience and diligence on your part. Correct his behaviour (with "no" or a noise) and a tug to the side (not back, that creates tension) of his collar every single time. You could teach him a "no bark" command and if he barks correct him and if he doesn't bark say "good no bark" (or whatever). You have to reinforce the good behaviour while correcting the bad behaviour 100% of the time.
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    Welcome to the forum. Your pup is adorable.

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