the Finnigan Fund.....(long)
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Thread: the Finnigan Fund.....(long)

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    Defaultthe Finnigan Fund.....(long)

    Well Mike and I have decided it is time to start t he Finnigan fund. ;D After his $1000 rat poison incident a few months ago and now last nights $250 dollar sedation, local and suture bill we have decided to try to see if anyone is willing to help us pay for this monsters vet needs as I am sure this will not be the last!

    Last night wen I arrived home the pyups were out back. Wehn the realized I washome thy ran to the door to be let in and Finnigan in his normal "I'm talking to you " way started jumping on the door. (We have tried to stop this and have just started ignoring it and when we do open the door they must be sitting first so I am just not sure how to stop it - any suggestions would be great!) All of a sudden we here a crash and glass breaking - he went through the window! I shut the door behind me and Mike brought them around front to prevent any cuts and as we are cleaning up Mike spots fur stuck tothe glass - so forget the cleaning in we go to check him out. At first it is not too bad, we wash the one cut out it is a few cuts on his top right paw one close to the toe and one a bit higher up with a bit of a flap - not to bad - might need a stitch but can probably heal with out - very little blood. Since Finn doesnt' seem bothered we go back to cleaning up the mess (I even vacummed the back deck in case of glass shards that didn't make the broom!) we get that done and Mike looks at them again and says maybe we should take him in (I had already called the vet to see if we could pick up vet wrap). so I wrapped the leg with non stick pads and tape and since he didn't flinch Mike says "lets hold off a bit he seems okay" and sits on the couch and as Finn walks away he says "whats on the back of the other leg?"

    Well - this one was a huge flap that didn't seem to bother Finn when I touched it but Mike wasn't doing so well at this point! quickly wrapped that one and off to the vet we went. so at 8:00 we picked him up and had a woozy puppy all night (kind of funny actually) and he looks like a racing horse with his matiching stipes of vet wrap and tape on his two front paws.

    Who wants to place a bet on the next expensive medical mishap of the fluppy puppy Finnigan?

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    DefaultRe: the Finnigan Fund.....(long)

    Oh No. I am so sorry. Hope that Finnigan is doing better today.

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    DefaultRe: the Finnigan Fund.....(long)

    Poor Finn I hope he is feeling better today.


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