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    I have been working with a breeder to get our new puppy.

    She expected a litter of brown and chocolate labs due this week. The mother delivered a single puppy yesterday by C-sect. The puppy is a male black which is what we were hoping for. She emailed me today to let us know that he is ours if we want him--as we were only people who wanted a black mail.

    I am just wondering what are the positives/negatives of getting a single puppy?

    I am comfortable with the breeder and the parents history but would like to know if anyone has any first hand experiences a situation like this.


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    DefaultRe: Need Advice

    More experienced members would be better able to answer this for certain but I would think if he is socialized from the start he will be ok. It would be better if he had litermates (Tal was one on 9!) but if the breeder is good like you indicate, I would think they know how to deal with a situation like this so that the puppy developes like he should. Good luck..and take lots of pictures!

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    DefaultRe: Need Advice

    Kassa was an only fur child. For me the biggest positive is I had more time to train her and we had lots of one on one. We developed a very close bond. I took her everywhere to make sure she was socialised.

    I think I would find it very hard being a first time dog owner and having more than one. Bringing up a dog is harder than thought it would be.

    On the negative side I think am sure she would have loved company. She saw her littermate Ernie regularly and played daily at the park with other dogs.

    Perhaps you could get the one, then later see how it goes and get another.

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    DefaultRe: Need Advice

    I would PM one of the breeders (Labby/WigWag) if they don't see this because really, only someone experienced in puppy raising could answer your question.


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