SNOW!! Come see what happend last night with the SNOW **From tuck**
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Thread: SNOW!! Come see what happend last night with the SNOW **From tuck**

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    DefaultSNOW!! Come see what happend last night with the SNOW **From tuck**

    Okay, so here's the scoop this morning. I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN IN THE SNOW. We got a ton. My mom said she wanted to take my pics so she could show all my firiends, so i started butt tucking all over the yard. I* got to make snow angels.* ontime i ran so hard, i slid into the door. HAHA it was a blast though. I can't wait to go out in it again. Mommy said if i could sit on the couch pretty, she would let me go out and throw me some snow balls. SO HERE I AM SITTN' pretty so i can go out again.
    You all should come over and we could play in the snow together!!!

    So all morning mommy kept trying to get me to go potty outside, but it was raining and cold and i don't like to get wet. So finally after i had a couple accidents on the kitchen floor, she put down papers for me.* I noticed now, it's not raining anymore and mom took up the newspaper and told me i have to go outside to potty now and no more accidents.* I went outside and this is what I see. What is this stuff? it's white and cold, and i slipped on the porch two times trying to get back inside. Mom said no i have to potty, so here I am standing in the cold wet white stuff, and i don't wanna potty. WHAT IS THIS? Am I supposed to do something with it? I tried to taste some, it doesn't taste like the usually stuff i eat outside, and i can't find those bones i was chewing on. Mom said they were YUCKY and threw them over the fence, but i sure liked them. So now, this white, wet, cold stuff and no bones.* :-[
    I heard mom say 6-8 inches more of this and she's got lots of water, and candles and batteries on hand.* Guess it's party time!
    So-- does any of my doggie friends have this at there house? I Miss the duck pond and the river, i just learned how to swim and i really liked it.* :'(* I am confused. HELP PLEASE!* :-\*

    I finally got her back, i was sucking my new baby, and i kept dropping if off the couch just to see how many times she'd get it for me

    ******************UPDATE************************** **************
    Heres what it looks like now outside. I finally got to play in the snow. Skey and Tugg told me to play with the snow balls and so we did. It was so fun! Here i am butt tucking around to get the snow!

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK)

    We dont get that white stuff here, unless its sand. But I dont think it is cause sand isnt cold. Wish I could play in it. Looks like fun.

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK)

    That last picture is just the cutest!!!! Tuck looks so happy!

    Califon, NJ
    Hunterdon County
    "Each is a creature of Earth and is entitled to reside on it with dignity"

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK)

    The pictures are great.* This may not be the best place to post this, but.....most of you probably have cats as well?* All of a sudden the weather has changed to COLD (30 degrees)!* My orangey kitty decided he doesn't want to go potty outside anymore.* He picked a spot next to the woodstove to do his duty (pee and poo).* He is outside all the time except for a few hours when we let him in when we get home from work.* I think he holds it until we get home.* He walks in and goes right to the woodstove and just goes.* *???* He has never done this before.* He is fixed and I really don't want to put a litterbox in the house because I have 2 other cats that would start using it.* Does anyone have recommendations?* Just keep the cat out all the time?

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK)

    ;DHey Tuck! Tugg and Skey here. We had some of that same white, fluffy, cold stuff here this week too.* We had never seen such a thing!* Tugg* barked and barked to let mom know the sky was falling......she just laughed.* She called it snow.* Once you get used to it I think you'll like it.* You can put your nose down and plow through it, have your mom make it into balls and throw them for you and best of all you can cuddle up and get warm with your mom after she makes you go out and potty in it!*

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK)

    Hey Tugg and Skey,
    Mommy just took me and my human brother and sister into the snow and we had a huge snowball fight and I even got to play ball with a few like you said. I had so much fun. This is soo fun they had to chase me around the yard for 5 min. b/c i wanted to stay out all day long. Thanks for helping me know what to do with it. Mom took pics.. she'll post in a few!

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK) **SNOW UPDATE**

    little tuck you are such a cutie. we where only suppose to get 6 inches and now we have 9 inches and we have some snow drifts that are to the door in dad's old truck. mom can't get out of the drive way. I will go take pictures after while. brrrrrrrrrr it is cold out there. but at least the wind isn't blowing anymore. it is 5 degrees here right now. at 7:30 in the am.

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    DefaultRe: Hey doggie friends what's this (From TUCK) **SNOW UPDATE**

    Hey, Tuck-
    I didn't know what snow was either at first!
    It sure is fun to play in, isn't it?
    Snow goes away fast (don't know where), so have a good time!
    Your pal,

    P.S. Mom sure liked your pictures-said you're adorable.


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