Is demo. mange painfull or uncomfortbale for a dog?
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Thread: Is demo. mange painfull or uncomfortbale for a dog?

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    DefaultIs demo. mange painfull or uncomfortbale for a dog?

    Gracie was diagnosed with mange a little over two weeks ago. The vet said it was localized as she only had one spot on the top of her head the size of a quarter. We got suspicious when it started to scab over. I have a couple questions about this. He said it's common in "puppies" and her case isn't bad at all. Well she's over a year old and when I read online about "puppies" having it they seem to be just a few months old. He put her and her brother (littermates) on dectomax once a day. When might I expect her hair will grow back? Also, she has been a real pest lately. She just whines and whines and I cant figure out why. Would mange or her meds cause her any pain or discomfort? She's home with my Mom and two other dogs all day and she just whines and looks so sad. Over the long weekend I spent an extra lot of time with the pups, and even after a day of hiking and being outside with me all day she still came home and laid at my feet and whined when I went to get online. She seems so sad. When we went in for her mange visit he checked her all over and everything else checked out ok. I feel like now im babying her as when she whines I will stop what im doing and cuddle her up or go lay with her (which seems to be what she wants). How should I deal with this? It's starting to get pretty bad, whenever im not paying attention to her she starts out whimpering and before I know it she's nudging me with her nose and practically singing me a song. A toy isn't stuck anywhere, she doesn't need to go out- she just seems to want my 100% attention. Also, is Mange really caused by stress and low immune system?? I'm feeling like between the whining and reading mange is caused by these things im doing something really wrong as a Mom. Can anyone suggest how we get thru this? We feed them Kirkland chicken and rice food. Should I give her a bath with anything special, or add a supplement to the food? I hate to change the food as we struggled with food when we switched to adult food and this seems to really work for both Gracie and Tundra. Thanks for any help!

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    DefaultRe: Is demo. mange painfull or uncomfortbale for a dog?

    I doubt it's the mange; that type of mange really doesn't cause them any discomfort. I had one with mange and don't remember any scabbing. The hair grew back over a few months, but I added a supplelment to her food (Nupro). It could be growing pains ... or it could be whining for attention. Hopefully, others might have a better idea for you.


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