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    Bailey is turning out to be very popular, and he isn't even home yet! My eldest little sister (one is 16, and one is 13) wants to come with Mom and I to pick him up, my other sister wants to arrange something for after school one evening to come and meet him, and Friday night I told my neighbor about him. She said her two daughters have been wanting a Lab, so they have joined the list of people demanding an audience. Well, not demanding LOL requesting is better. I've told everybody they will have to meet him in turns, because I don't want him overwhelmed, so each person will get a bit of time on separate days to come over. It will be good for him, because he'll be meeting several different people on his own turf before he gets his innoculations and starts meeting people on more neutral territory. Joe took in a printed out picture of Bailey to school and now his teacher's aids think he is just adorable too.

    I've hit that 'last week and now I'm getting too bouncy for my own good' stage LOL! Every day for the last few days Joe has asked if its time for Bailey to come home, and today when I asked him who was coming to live with him next week, he goes "my Bailey!"* ;D He picked out more toys for him today at the pet store, and he would have bought more had I not drawn the line. Bailey will be 7wks tomorrow, so just one more week before he comes home!

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    Sounds like Bailey needs an appointment secretary.

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