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    We have lived in this particular rent house since July.* Little be known the huge mistake we were making the day we signed the lease.* First we noticed all of the "hidden" problems with the house, like you open a door and it falls off the hinges (under the sink in the kitchen), or the crappy paint job they did to cover up a hole in the wall...Slapped up some cardboard and paint over it.* Yah, now that one took some LOOKING.* But the worst thing ever about the house is the neighbors.* It's a sad situation really, but i'm so fed up with it, AND THE HOUSE! I'm not sure who's to blame but at 2:30 in the morning when you hear the wife being beat, and her crying her eyes out, begging and pleading for it to stop you can't do anything but call the police.* Of course they got the NATIONAL AWARD for RETARD.* The second time I called the police it was just so he wouldn't kill her, I have practically given up.* She falls right back into the spider web.* He, the beater, has played down the "episodes".* He has learnt that I will call the cops if I feel it has escalated to much.* I'm now woken up not from screams, but from Kaycie barking and growling.* I've never heard her bark or growl like this, and for a couple of nights, I was like oh Kaycie shut up and go to sleep.* But now it's been 2 weeks, and I've finally put two and two together.* She hears them fighting.* I didn't realize it until a couple nights ago, when Kaycie started barking again in the middle of the night.* I woke up and listened really hard, and I could hear them fighting, car doors slamming. Same thing the next night.* I thought that maybe I was crazy and tried to BELIEVE that's what she was going nuts about in the middle of the night.* But now, i'm totally convinced.* I even woke up DH and said, "Listen, she can hear them, but we can't" And sure enough, he would leave soon after, or she would cry.* It's amazing how she can hear and sense things that we can't.* It upsets me when I hear it, but it really upsets her.* Thanks you guys for reading this, and allowing me to rant and rave.*


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    Not a good situation! I've dealt with many unruly neighbors...especially in college last year. 3 AM + Shopping carts + concrete stairs = >

    Hope it gets better!


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