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    Update Friday PM: back in for another cleaning and this time I was "trained" on how to do it. Supposed to give him the treatment everyday for 10 days, followed by the medication (after it dries). That would all be fine and dandy, but SU will be gone at least 4 of those days, and I don't think I can wrestle him down by myself. I guess I'll have to call in some reinforcements - maybe pay a neighbor kid $3 a session!!!

    Update Thursday PM: He seems to be feeling better, but the ear is looking icky again so I'm taking him in for another cleaning tomorrow. Do some of you do the cleaning yourselves? What does it entail? I'm kind of squeamish and it might make me barf... although after having a kid I've surprised myself at what I can handle!

    Stoopsie Poo was in today for an ear infection. They cleaned it and gave me Mometamax. Said it should stay clean for the entire treatment, but I swear tonight I saw a little bit of the funk coming back already.

    Are there particularly agressive bacterial infections that require repeated cleaning?

    I feel so bad for him... it's obvious he's not feeling well.

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    DefaultRe: Icky Ear

    When Buck had an ear infection...at it's worst I had to clean his ears twice a day with a solution the vet gave us and applied ottomax twice everyday after the cleaning. I was asked to apply the ottomax twice a day for 7 days and then stop and just clean his ears once a week or as needed. Once the infection completely cleared up I simply checked his ears every other day and only flushed it clean once a month or everytime he went swimming.

    His infection was deep in the ear so I had to make sure I flushed it well with the cleaner the vet gave us...which was a battle might I add.
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    DefaultRe: Icky Ear

    A lot of people swear by this stuff. http://woodhavenlabs.com/ears.html

    Another good article on ears

    Good luck.

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    DefaultRe: Icky Ear

    Is it a yeast infection?

    We had to switch Sam's food after he kept getting ear infections and we figured out that he had a food allergy.
    Our vet (and this was our first appointment with him), recommended a thorough deep cleaning of Sammy's ears to get ALL the gunk out (and it was bad-it had started to break through the eardrum)...and then sent us home on Otomax and anti-biotics, and also recommended changing foods. We switched to a fish-based food. And that was it.
    Sam hasn't had an ear infection in over a year, and he had had at least 5 since he was about a year old.
    Took a fresh (and better) pair of ears and eyes in our new vet to properly diagnose this.
    We now just dry his ears out whenever he's been swimming...and that's it.

    I do hope your boy feels better!

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