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Thread: Looking for a Dallas Area in Home Trainer

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    We are finally in our new house!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!! Crockett is out of control lately! Chasing the cats, counter surfing - I have tried the sit stay method of calming Crockett down and nothing is working - in fact Crockett just gets mad - I know it has a lot to do with the fact that we moved but we are ready for the next level of training - we have been to 3 group classes and it is time for some one-on-one training in our house - So...I turn to the pros, does anyone recommend an in home trainer in the Dallas area - we are actually in McKinney so north would be best - Let me know! Thanks so much!

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    My aunt lives in the Dallas area and is very involved with dog obedience. I've emailed her and asked her for recommendations.


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