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    DefaultI've discovered...

    So many things about both my dogs in almost 2 weeks ;D

    Bear has never been the dog that likes to cuddle up, but Bunny as been attempting to cuddle up with Bear... but it doesnt last long, a couple of seconds later Bear gives me a face like saying "Well mom, there's gotta be a limit", gets up and walks away :-\
    Yet, it is funny to see that sometimes it is Bear trying to get to play with Bunny, she even lies on her side.

    I thought Bear played pretty rough, but I learned that Bunny has no problem handling it...she can actually be rougher. Bear can also be pretty gentle and I didnt notice before how sweet she is, until now.

    Mostly I discovered their names are opposite to their personalities...Bear is sweet and Bunny is well, not so sweet, dominant, rough and independent ;D But I love them both to pieces and love the almost opposite personalities.

    So, how many of you having 2 dogs and mostly the ones that just like me are introducing a new puppy to the family have discovered things about your first dog?

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    DefaultRe: I've discovered...

    I'm so happy for you. What a joy to watch them grow up together.
    When I brought puppy Judy home to 2YO Mitzi, Mitzi turned into a mother figure. Bear sounds more like my Judy - doesn't like to cuddle. You may find that Bear cuddles more and gets more and more affectionate as she gets older.


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