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    I'm sure that I should be posting in the Puppy Training area, but there are so many people in here right now & I'm hoping for LOTS of advice. When we bring our new puppy, Brinkley home she'll be 8 weeks old. It's been so long since we've crate trained & I'm wondering how long to expect that she could go between trips outside to the bathroom (I'm trying to figure out working while potty training). I was also wondering if some of you would tell me where in the house you keep the crate....should it be close to the door where we take her out?? THANKS SO MUCH!! :

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    I took mine out about every 15-30 min. from the start.

    I had the crate beside the bed at first, so he could hear us, and I could hear him when he whimpered, needing to go out at night. After a couple weeks, I moved it to the living room.

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    Kaycie's crate has always been beside our bed. When she was little, it was so I could hear her when she cried....Now it's because I dont sleep well unless I can see her sleeping lol. (Yah it makes vacations sour lol...just hate to be away)


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