Had to wash Maggie tonight.
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Thread: Had to wash Maggie tonight.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultHad to wash Maggie tonight.

    its raining here and some THICK rain I might add, almost snow like. Anyway, she needed to go out and I put Dakota out with her and I turn to talk to my mom for a moment and turn around because Dakota hadn't left the cement to go potty. "Dakota Go POTTY!" I turn to look and see where Maggie was and shes digging in the mud! "NO DIG MAGGIE!" I open the door grabed her collar and RAN to the bathroom. put her in the tub and hooked the hose up. Mom was letting Dakota in for me and here she comes runs head first into the closed door and wants in the bath tub also. She sits between my feet under me with her head hanging into the bath tub licking the water off the side of the tub. Maggie got all her feet sprayed free of mud and off she went. Right onto the love seat.
    Dakota is... In the bath tub laying down licking the rest of the water up : .

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    DefaultRe: Had to wash Maggie tonight.

    What? No pictures?

    That sounds like a regular bath night around our house, that's why we don't have them too often!

    Actually, Eddie gets a bath about every 3 months, he is a mix and has a longer coat and gathers dust and dirt very easily. He runs when the hose comes out and hides under the pool deck. He hides in the house but I can get him there! Fanny does check him out when he is in there but is otherwise fanes non interest just in case she is on the bath list.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Had to wash Maggie tonight.

    You know I knew someone was going to ask about pictures : lol thing is I had to run downt he hall and get her in the bath tub. I knew if I left the bathroom to get my camera it would be ALL over the bathroom. Then after I got her out I was washing everything down and said.. "why didnt I take pictures of the mess" There were paw prints ALL over!
    Next time I promise!

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    DefaultRe: Had to wash Maggie tonight.

    The visual is cracking me up! Sounds exciting!


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