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Thread: Bathing?

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    I just read some topics and noticed that many of you guys don't bathe your labs, due to washing away necessary oils. I didn't know about this. My last dog was a German Shorthaired Pointer/Lab and we bathed her all the time. Maggie is a purebred chocolate lab and we work/play her everyday. She gets non-stop exercise and is also used for hunting. No, she does not stink, but I just always thought that if you wanted a cleaner dog that doesn't shed as much you bathed them. (I'm talking about every two weeks) Her coat is always beautiful and shiny. But if bathing isn't necessary - cool! Less work for me.

    PS: I would love to post pictures, but everytime I try my windows icon doesn't do it's thing even when I use photobucket? I've read all your posts about how to post pix too. Just going to try to figure it out today?

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    DefaultRe: Bathing?

    Bathing every two weeks isn't necessary. Job saved. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Bathing?

    I only give dakota a bath if she stinks or is REALLY dirty

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    DefaultRe: Bathing?

    Brushing is necessary, and removes the need to bathe in many instances. In my home, only Tatum gets baths, and that is because she has a skin condition that requires medicated shampoo.
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