I have a new puppy...
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Thread: I have a new puppy...

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    DefaultI have a new puppy...

    I have a new puppy named Woody, chocolate lab, 5 months old. He is the puppy of our last choc. lab who went missing around march, he was 10 years old. We just built him a pen in which he shares with our other dog. I don't like the idea of my dogs being locked up, but we do live in the country and there is alot of wildlife. Does any one else agrtee with me? What is the life cycle of a lab?

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    DefaultRe: I have a new puppy...

    Our Rowan is part of the family and is indoors with the rest of the family. I couldn't imagine having her locked up in a pen outside but that is just my own opinion. She is only three months old and is crated indoors at night and during the day when the need arises.

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    DefaultRe: I have a new puppy...

    Why can't you keep your Lab indoors?

    I think you will find that most if not all people on this forum keep their Labs indoors and don't agree with keeping them locked up in a pen outside. What is the point in owning a dog if it is locked up? what do you get from the dog? unless you are willing to spend an awful lot of time and attention on them it is not fair to keep them outside.

    I'm not sure what you mean by life cycle? do you mean life expectancy? I don't know exactly because it differs from dog to dog but I would say that 12-14 years is about average. Of course, that also depends on how well kept and healthy the dog is.

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    DefaultRe: I have a new puppy...

    First, welcome to the forum!

    I don't understand either. Your dogs are locked outside 24/7? How big is this pen they are in?

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