Bed/couch wetting problem
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Thread: Bed/couch wetting problem

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    DefaultBed/couch wetting problem

    Callie is our 20 month old chocolate lab. Great dog, very well mannered and trained, except for one problem...she wets the bed and last night it happened to be our bed at 2 AM! I'm trying to figure out why she does this and am wondering if all you owners/experts can provide some insight. She seems to do it when she's sleeping, so is she like a child and is in such a deep sleep she doesn't know to get up? Is something wrong with her? We're not sure how to discipline her when she does this, particularly when we find it after the fact. It's not terribly frequent, but she's probably had around 5 "accidents" in the last 6 months. She's got a dog door, in our bedroom so it's not as if she doesn't have access to outside. Just curious to know if anyone else has experienced this and what you've done about it!


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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Bed/couch wetting problem

    It sounds like your pup is just in a deep sleep.
    I would get her to the vet to get anything ruled out. 2 months ago we had Maggie into the vet because she was having wetting troubles and she was almost 3 years old. She had crystals in her urine and was treated for them. Shes much better now and isnt having any more troubles.
    Please take her to the vet and make sure there isnt something wrong!
    I wish you the best to find out whats going on with your girl!

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    DefaultRe: Bed/couch wetting problem

    If she is spayed, it could be spayed induced incontinence. Treatable with medication

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    DefaultRe: Bed/couch wetting problem

    We had the same problem with Storm and it turned out to be spay induced incontinence - she's on meds now and we haven't had any probs since. Take your pup to the vet..

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    DefaultRe: Bed/couch wetting problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Lab Dad
    If she is spayed, it could be spayed induced incontinence.* Treatable with medication
    Exactly what I was thinking.
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii



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