It's about time...!!
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    DefaultIt's about time...!!

    for an Bear & Bunny update ;D

    It's been a week already with Bunny and it seems like she is learning and growing so fast We are still working on the potty training, she does trick every now and then (make me wait with her outside in the cold for 15 minutes, asking me to bring her inside as if she doesnt want to pee and then runs inside and pees anywhere), but in general she is learning :-\ ???

    She is getting along with her big sister, and is calming down a little. there are days when she is more active than others, and I think that gives Bear a nice balance because she is also getting a little worn out when her lil' sis wants to play at 5:30am...they get me up usually before 6am for breakfast, Bear is happy to go back to bed after breakfast... but Bunny doesnt see the point of that, might as well stay up and play 8) as long as you are up already :
    I decided to rest this morning so I let her play in the living room, but she didnt want to play alone especially when her big sis was on the bed where she hasnt been allowed for more than 2 minutes... how can that be fair So she barks, well I lock her out of the bedroom and about
    minutes later she woke me up so I opened the door and Bear decided she had had enough sleep already... so she starts playing, and as you may guess they were playing in the bedroom they made such a wreck, Bunny with her cat bell and the general noise...I did sleep through it

    She is pretty independant, but still loves to curl up next to my chair at my office, or on the computer bag :-X :-\ and I love it.

    So here are the adventures of Bunny (main character of the story) and Bear (pretty important character of the story)

    She has been using SU's luggage as a launcher, so she jumps on Bear or just to be at the same height... She can also just grab her favorite toy and chew on it there (her favorite toy is an old sting ray, that Bear had buried in her toybox)

    Bunny doesnt lack character and may not completely know what fear is...

    Sisterhood is all about who can take the hits better...

    They make sure they rest to get the energy back up. Still Bunny doesnt waste any time and chews on another old toy.

    She can carry stuff with her big sister

    or on her own

    It doesnt take the beauty away from her

    And after a hard day of work... you and your team gotta charge up the batteries

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Bunny is just the sweetest! Looks like Bear is showing her the ropes. I wonder if Bear considers herself more of a big sister or a mom to Bunny. Keep the pictures and stories coming.

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Bunny is absolutely adorable. And Bear, bless her heart, so patient. Looks like they are really enjoying one another. Keep the adventures coming!

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Bunny's so cute! Bear looks so happy with her

    Nice pictures, and story

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Holy Smokes she's c-u-t-e! Well, they both are. You can tell they have a great time together.

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Wow, Bunny is adorable!! And Bear is being such a wonderful bit sister!!! What a beautiful labby family you have.
    ~Jo & CoCo

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Bunny is adorable!!!!

    I just love the picture of Bear and Bunny carrying the giant toy together, that is too cute!!
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: It's about time...!!

    Those are some good pictures. I like the one where the two of them are carring the big thing together.

    keep the pictures coming.


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