Stolen Labradors - please help
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Thread: Stolen Labradors - please help

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    DefaultStolen Labradors - please help

    Forwarded from another breed board......I found this very disturbing and sad.

    Permission to crosspost, taken off retriever message

    Out of courtesy, Please remove my name and email
    address when you cross-post, as I did for the person before me.

    I would like to make a pleading to the group, and to
    all dog lovers out there, to help me recover 5 labs that were taken from
    my ranch in the Corsicana/Rice area (Navarro County, TX.) on Tuesday,
    October 10, 2006. My office was rummaged through and some of the
    identifying paperwork was taken. There was a sixth lab stolen, as
    well, but he was turned into the Navarro Co. Animal Shelter and is
    doing fine.

    The perpetrator took 3 chocolate females, 1 yellow
    female and 1 chocolate male. All are well trained gun dogs and the yellow
    also did confirmation. The police have had no luck in the recovery process
    and I am beside-myself with grief.

    Here are their names and micro-chip numbers:

    Chocolate Females:

    SHR Mackenzie's Spice of Life JH (Spice) # AVID 087
    076 350 - 3 years old

    Mackenzie's Chocolate Kiss UH (Hershey) # AVID 087 054
    265 - 2 ½ years old

    Mackenzie's Lady of Liberty (Libby) # AVID 087 070 096
    - 1 ½ years old

    None of them have been spayed, however, they have
    never whelped a litter up to this point.

    Yellow Female:
    CH Mackenzie's Own Sweet Cream (Cream) - Almost 4
    years old

    Cream had a litter in the spring, hopefully that may
    help identify her.

    Chocolate Male:
    Mackenzie's Fly by Knight (Knight) # AVID 087 069 012
    - 2 years old
    Knight was home for a short period of time for
    hunting, but was being
    trained by Eddie and had the interest of Budweiser.

    These dogs have been my joy and life over the past
    few years and things are very quiet without them. I am offering a reward for
    the safe recovery of each of them. If anyone has any information or ideas
    about what else I can do to help find them, please e-mail me immediately.

    Regina Kenney
    [[email protected]]
    Thanks for all of the help!
    Regina L. Kenney
    [email protected]

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    DefaultRe: Stolen Labradors - please help

    So sad...please let us know if there are any updates on this. I have them in my prayers.

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    DefaultRe: Stolen Labradors - please help

    That just makes me sick. Sure hope they find them, seems like someone that knew of them as they knew to go to the office and steal the papers. It just saddens me so much.
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky

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    DefaultRe: Stolen Labradors - please help

    Oh my .....We will definetly say a prayer for thier safe return.

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    DefaultRe: Stolen Labradors - please help

    I am so sorry about your loss. I too will keep the good thoughts rolling for you. Please keep us posted!


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