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    Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. It seems like it's been forever since I've posted - school and work are keeping me so busy!

    Anyways, I'm wanting to start hiking with Larry, and I want him to be able to carry his own stuff. I've got it narrowed down between the GraniteGear Ruff Rider or Kelty Chuck Wagon. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    I hike with my dogs almost every weekend and I HIGHLY recommend the Ruff Wear company.* The packs may be pricier than others, but the quality is outstanding!* Here is the link to their packs:* Bear wears the Palisades Pack II - it's a bit more heavy duty than the Approach Pack - basically depends on what level of hiking you'll be doing.* The Ruff Wear Company products are so awesome - I use several of them and LOVE them - totally worth the extra cost if you want a product that fits correctly and lasts a long time!
    Here's a picture of Bear wearing his pack:

    here's a picture of Bear (on the left) wearing just the harness that the Palisades Pack attaches to - great feature for proper fit as well as for when your dog is resting or needs a break from carrying the pack!

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    VERY cool! Thanks Sally- I'll give Doyle a heads up to your response.


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