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    Well, I have spent the whole day with Angus after his physical this morning. I am very, very happy to report that he is in great spirits and seems to feel fabulous!

    For those who are new or don't remember, the past couple of years Angus has had a *terrible* time after his physical every year. When he was a wee pup, I spent the entire day on the kitchen floor, holding him on my lap, hoping he wasn't dying. :-[ He didn't seem to feel like taking more than a few steps. And this was NOT like Angus as a puppy. He was non-stop, full-on, all the time. Which is why it worried me so and probably the reason it was very noticeable.

    He went back for his shots again at a year, and got the full treatment: Rabies, DHLPP, Corona, Bordatella. And again, he had an absolutely horrible day. He just looked incredibly down, and seemed to feel just awful. It lasted for several weeks this time. So long that I ended up taking him back a month later and having bloodwork done.

    Then it dawned on me, it's the shots. It's all those shots, all at once. I had read about titers here, and other places, and vowed that this year would be different for him.


    What they do with titers, for those who haven't heard of them, is they draw blood and test it for an immunologic response to several diseases. If the dog is found to have a good immunologic response, no shots are necessary. ;D

    Of course, rabies is required by law, so no getting out of that one. But the others, well except for Corona, can be titered. So we did. I also took him in three weeks ago and got his Bordatella separately, just for good measure and to split everything as much as possible.

    Now, I'm not suggesting everyone should run out and do this. It is a tad more expensive to do it this way (although not terribly, IMO). But, for Angus, I am more than positive it was the best thing to do.

    Instead of lying on the floor all day and looking dreadfully sick, we spent this afternoon playing a big ol' game of fetch, he felt well enough to play bitey-face-butt-tuck in the yard with Simon, and wouldn't let me brush him because he was too busy trying to eat his Zoom Groom. ;D Yeah! That's my boy!

    I honestly believe that we sometimes overvaccinate, and it can be hard on their systems. To me, this is living, breathing proof. The vet sort of acted like I was being a little over-the-top when I requested this for them (did it for Simon, too), but I am now convinced that it was a very good move. Just something to think about, especially if you notice you have one that seems really lethargic for several days, or weeks, after the physical.

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    DefaultRe: Titers: Money Well Spent!

    That's wonderful! I remember when you mentioned how hard the vaccines were on Angus in the past.

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    DefaultRe: Titers: Money Well Spent!

    Now that we've had our 1 year puppy boosters, I plan to titer Sami from now on. I'm glad it's worked out so well for Angus.

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    DefaultRe: Titers: Money Well Spent!

    I do this with Morgan and it is wonderful for an allergy dog too!


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