Angus had his physical today
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Thread: Angus had his physical today

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    DefaultAngus had his physical today

    What a busy weekend this boy has had!

    We did titers for Angus today. So far, so good. He does not seem as down in the mouth as in the past. So far. I took off today so I could watch him.

    He's back up to 68 pounds again. They thought he looked fantastic and in great shape, but I am always concerned about his weight and I really think he looks best at around 65. It seems to be getting harder and harder to maintain this. I think he put on these few extra pounds getting ready for the trial (treats treats treats). We're really going to have to watch it.

    Received lots of comments about how "good" he was. That "watch" command is really impressive, especially in the middle of a vet's office with lots of dogs and people whizzing by.

    I asked about his funny walk (you may remember me mentioning that before), and they said they could do x-rays. We would have to bring him in and leave him for a couple of hours to come out from under the sedation. I may schedule this soon, just to ease my mind about his hips. Coming from unknown parentage as he does, I worry a lot about his hips.

    Overall, a very good checkup Keeping my fingers crossed that the titers come back good!

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    DefaultRe: Angus had his physical today

    Glad to hear about the good checkup...Hopefully everthing comes back normal

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    DefaultRe: Angus had his physical today

    Excellent! Hope everythign comes back OK!

    Hearing about Angus being around 65-68lbs eases my mind :P I was worried I don't feed Buck enough or something because he weighs only 64lbs now. He was growing like a weed and then around 7 months or so he kinda got stuck at 64lbs :P

    I thought he'd be bigger. Glad to see he isn't actually as starved as he pretends to be!
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3

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    DefaultRe: Angus had his physical today

    Sounds good!

    I have a silly question. What are titers? I know it has something to do with shots, but my vet has never talked about titers.

    Brenda, Sam & Bodie

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    DefaultRe: Angus had his physical today

    I'm also glad to hear Angus' weight. Sam weighs 63 pounds and seems very lean to me. But his ribs don't show. He's got lots of muscle, but very little fat.
    Glad Mr. Angus is doing well............



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