Tilley's in heat and I need help!
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Thread: Tilley's in heat and I need help!

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    DefaultTilley's in heat and I need help!

    Some of you may remember my story; Xmas present Labby with an inverted vulva... Well, long story short, we decided after much research here and with our vet to wait and see if the "Innie" would pop out after her first heat cycle and not risk a surgical procedure that could be avoided.* Tilley started spotting yesterday and she is definately in heat.* Our neutered Rescue mix breed has a brand new attraction to his lovely sister...* I have never been through this before and we have NO intention of ever breeding her but I need to know how to get through this.* How long will this last typically?* Is it safe to exercise her on leash and in the yard (fenced) if I am present?* Does she need anything special during this time?* Sorry I just know you folks have a lot of answers... Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you and I am going to post a photo of my pretty girl very soon.* Tilley BF (11/17/05)

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    DefaultRe: Tilley's in heat and I need help!

    I don't have a female so I'm not alot of help. One thing I do know, you can get doggie diapers at your pet store!

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    DefaultRe: Tilley's in heat and I need help!

    Mocha's first heat lasted around 3 weeks and I think that's pretty typical. With Mocha the bleeding was heaviest the first week then it got lighter and trailed off. I think you can take her out in your fenced yard without any problems but I wouldn't take her out on the street if you can help it. If you have to I wouldn't go alone as I've heard stories of male dogs litterally coming from miles around and being pretty hard to get away from. I'm sure the breeders will give you more info.


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