A friend's puppy needs good thoughts...
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Thread: A friend's puppy needs good thoughts...

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    DefaultA friend's puppy needs good thoughts...

    One of my friends called me last night crying hysterically. One of her friends had a littler of black lab pups because they "wanted to", she thought they were nuts and yesterday she found out they really were nuts. The pups are 4 weeks old and one of the puppies was having a hard time getting milk and because he is so much smaller then the rest. The "breeder" was just going throw the puppy away (literally) so my friend Aimee took him. (all of this is what she told me)

    I told her to go to the woodhaven site to read some of the articles that laura has on there. Aimee said that they have been bottle feeding him and he is doing well with that, and today they went and bought some puppy food that she soaked in warm water and then put into the microwave for him to eat and she said that was pretty fun to watch.

    If you could just keep this little guy in your thoughts (and his littermates that are still with his mom) he could surely use them.
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: A friend's puppy needs good thoughts...

    You've got them. Poor babies. I hope they all get through this, especially the poor little guy your friend rescued. And I hope the "breeder" stops at this litter.
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