Anyone have a Lab with Periodontal Disease? (Cross-Post from Health Section)
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Thread: Anyone have a Lab with Periodontal Disease? (Cross-Post from Health Section)

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    DefaultAnyone have a Lab with Periodontal Disease? (Cross-Post from Health Section)

    I posted this in the Health Section but wasn't having much luck in getting a reply....thought I'd cross-post in this section!


    I have tried to keep this short but as usual, couldn't - sorry!

    Cooper has been diagnosed with Periodontal disease.* It is so advanced, the vet has scheduled him for surgery on Wednesday to remove a tooth that is apparently hanging on by a thread.* His gums are a mess.* And I am so choked, I could choke the vet.* Since taking him to this clinic when we moved to Ottawa Sept 2005, I have asked on each visit to check his teeth, etc because of his offensive breath.* We have been there on two occasions for his usual check up & vaccinations, the last being April 25th.* The vet specifically asked if I still had concerns over Cooper's breath and I told her nothing had changed, it would still strip paint.* She looked and said everything looked fine except for the odd chip but felt that was not a problem.* She suggested some dog chews that might assist in keeping his teeth clean.* There were no rotten teeth and with the exception of some brownness on the one side (he tends to chew things on one side - another reason why we always asked for his teeth to be checked), all looked well to her.

    On Tuesday a.m. at about 430, I got up as usual and while getting ready to walk Cooper, I heard a whimper from downstairs.* Cooper never does this - NEVER.* I went down to the main floor and when I flipped on the light, immediately noticed that Cooper's head was swollen and he was covered with lumps.* What a mess and the reason for his whine, I think, was because he was scared of what was going on.* He looked awful.* Dwayne (hubby) took him to the clinic as soon as it opened and had to see a different vet.* She diagnosed Cooper as having a reaction to an insect bite and prescribed Benadryl (I am still puzzled by that - never did find the offending insect...perhaps he ate it!) .* It worked and within a few hours, the swelling and lumps were gone.* However, she checked him over and immediately commented on his gums.* She showed Dwayne that only the slightest touch on his gums would produce blood and showed him where the gums have receded to the point one tooth's roots are showing.* It is a small tooth at the front.* So....this Wednesday he is scheduled for a tooth extraction, x-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, blah, blah, blah.* The grand total is going to be anywhere from $679.46 and $789.70 Cdn.* Oh!* But we get a "complimentary nail trim" during all of this.* How generous of them.

    All of this to say/ask - is it possible that the periodontal disease could have developed to this stage in roughly 6 months, or did the other vet not do a thorough enough check?* And the price - is this "the norm"?* The estimate they provided includes all the meds - pre & post-op and the procedures.* As was pointed out by a co-worker of my husband, we are a vet's dream client: dual income, no kids therefore will spend anything on our dog!* Dwayne and I have been discussing how we are going to deal with this on Wednesday and I think he's going to drop Cooper off in the a.m. and we will go together to pick him up at 6 pm.* Honestly, I do not want to set foot in there because I think my temper may get the best of me.* This "complimentary" nail clipping just irks me - how about a discount on the total bill, seeing as we have asked each time about his teeth and have been assured all was well.* I am just having a really difficult time in believing that Cooper's gums deteriorated to this degree in less than 6 months.*

    Once again I have been long-winded - I am sorry.* But it feels good to vent and if anyone has any experience with this type of health problem with their Lab, I'd love to hear about it.* I am scared about Cooper being sedated on Wednesday as well....* :'(

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    DefaultRe: Anyone have a Lab with Periodontal Disease? (Cross-Post from Health Section)

    I don't believe that all of that damage developed in 6 months. Periodontal disease is due to the build up bacteria in the form of plaque, that builds up and causes inflammation. They say most dogs over the age of 5 have some form of periodontal disease. So there is no way things got that bad with your guy in 6 months. I'd be a little upset too.
    And [email protected] the complimentary nail trim lol.

    To have the dogs teeth just cleaned, no periodontal intervention, is about 300$ around here. So that price doesnt totally shock me. They are going to do a lot of work. Crazy isnt it? :

    And that's why Emma and Aidan BOTH got their teeth brushed tonight! What a trip that was, but i wont hijack your thread. Best of luck with the surgery on Wednesday and I would certainly ASK why you were given the all clear so many times. I mean bad breath is the #1 sign of periodontal disease. How could she miss it if it's obviously a pretty serious case? Id be concerned.


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