6 am walk Raider saw his first buck
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Thread: 6 am walk Raider saw his first buck

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    Default6 am walk Raider saw his first buck

    He was growling about a block away and I kept shushing him then he froze and I looked up there was a huge buck just standing there looking at us with his HUGE HORNS or whatever they are called. I didn't know if deer charge you, this stare down was about 30 seconds until a jeep came up the hill and turned off its light and the deer took off it was so cool.Then we smelled a skunk and got the heck out of there.

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    DefaultRe: 6 am walk Raider saw his first buck

    so what did Raider think of his first Buck sighting. the horns are called a rack and some have been know to charge but on very rare occassion's they are scared of people mostly.

    now you can take your camera on walks with you.

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    DefaultRe: 6 am walk Raider saw his first buck

    Very cool. 8) They are called antlers on deer. They really don't charge and I have found they are much more likely to be spooked by you or your dog and run away. Kody and I come across them a lot hiking through the woods. Last spring we came out of the woods and into a clearing and saw 4 doe with 2 fawn. They were about 50 yards from us and froze as did Kody and I. I had Kody in a down and stay for about 10 minutes while we watched them. The deer watched us for a minute or so and then continued feeding while we watched.


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