Most Durable Toy?
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Thread: Most Durable Toy?

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    DefaultMost Durable Toy?

    I was wanting, some opinions on a VERY durable toy? I'm almost tempted to resort to a bowling ball...

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    DefaultRe: seMost Durable Toy?

    Cuz and the large tire Petco sells

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    DefaultRe: Most Durable Toy?

    I have one power-chewer at home who can tear up everything in sight, including blue veterinary (extra-strong) and black Kongs. The things that last her a long while include the Nylabone durables (including the Galileo bone) and these tough plastic balls (called Jolly Balls) that have holes in them, with another ball inside. Let me see if I can find a photo...

    Here we go:

    Otherwise, we have had some luck with the large-sized Tire Biters tire toy (without extensive chewing, otherwise they, too, end up in bits around the floor).

    Cuz didn't last around here for more than 5 minutes before he was torn apart.

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    DefaultRe: Most Durable Toy?

    We have power chewer as well. He has not destroyed the marrow bones we give him, the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude and the Dental Kong.

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    DefaultRe: Most Durable Toy?

    Jolly Balls are AWESOME! my dogs love these. I highly recommend one. Most toys also get destroyed here and the Jolly Ball along with a few Kong's are the only toys that have remained intact.

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    DefaultRe: Most Durable Toy?

    Trooper goes through a lot of toys too. The kong and Cuz work best for him. His favorite is a mini Baltimore Raven football made of rubber. It does have a small pin hole and I thought he ruined it, but that just lets the air out. Eventually it goes back to size (not squished anymore). He loves to play football and has never chewed it up to bits, it's too tough.

    LOL at rseorting to a bowling ball, that was funny. Hope you find one.


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