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    I occasionally use benedryl to calm the dogs down if they are too excitied and need to be calm for some reason. I usaully give them 75mg each, because that is how much it takes to actually affect them. Skippy has injured his tail again this weekend and we had a heck of a time getting it to stop bleeding. We have cleaned the walls, carpet , woodwork and cabinets 3 times because it kept bleeding through the bandage and he beats his tail and slings blood all over.I finally have it stopped (I think), but I had to give him benedryl because he had become extrememly anxious, and then SU had put him in the outside kennel while waiting for me to get home and he was amost hysterical. I want to keep him calm now, and through the night at least. Do you think it is OK to give him some more in 6 hours? Maybe 2 intstead of 3?

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    According to the Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, you can give 2mg/lb every 8 hours. Sounds like it should be okay, but I'll leave that to the vets.


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