too much of a diva for the outdoors?
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Thread: too much of a diva for the outdoors?

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    Defaulttoo much of a diva for the outdoors?

    Hey everyone! I haven't been up here inawhile, a lot of things have came up. Like recently my mom fell at work when she was going to the parkling lot and messed up her ankles had to go to the doctor, she was on crutches but now she's just got one of those little boot things on. And I've been really under the weather myself, so with all that going on I haven't had a chance to come up here. Which I have really missed!

    Anyways...I've been trying to get Diva to want to go outside more, but I just don't know. I know usually ALL Labs like to be outside but she doesn't seem that interested. She has a personality of her own and she likes certain things and then there are things she doesn't like, like going outside and playing. I'll take her outside and try to play fetch with her but she doesn't seem too interested I try to get her to run around the yard, me running too like a fool lol but she looks at me like "....are you crazy? i'm not doing that" when i take her outside the one thing she loves to do is stand at the top of the porch and stare at things, she loves to just stare and check things out she likes to know what's going on around her. She seems more into playing watch dog and checking out every little sound and person than playing and running around outside. She will play inside the house though, that she does do. I'll toss the ball around with her in the house and she'll chase it and bring it back and everything and be all hyper and happy, and sometimes when she starts wanting to play I'll take her outside because she'd have more room to run around and all that but as soon as I take her outside she doesn't want to play. Today I took her outside and even took our cocker spaniel Freddy outside as well and I even put the gate we use inside outside and put it at the bottom of the stairs so she couldn't run on the porch, I did that because I wanted to see how she'd act like if she had no choice but to stay in the yard and not go on the porch if she'd change her mind and want to play, but she didn't like that too much she stuck her head from underneath one of the stairs and was going to try and fit her big ol' butt through there just to get on the porch! Of course I'm going to keep trying with her but I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want to do, like when I take her outside that's her time so I figure if she just wants to stand on the top of the porch and look at things then I'd just let her. When she was much younger I would take her outside and we'd play fetch and she'd run around and everything, I don't know if she's just going through this phase where she doesn't want to go outside and play or what it is. Maybe when she gets a little older she'll want to play outside more. ::shrugs:: Have any of ya'll dealt with something like this?

    here's some pictures of her doing what she does best lol, standing on the porch giving everything/everyone the stare down :P

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    DefaultRe: too much of a diva for the outdoors?

    Gigi only wants to be outside if we're out there with her, though like Miss Diva she's willing to play inside the house. She wants to be inside so much she learned how to open the back door and come right on in, so we had to put a different knob on it to keep her from doing that -- not because we minded her letting herself in but because that meant she let George OUT and he tends to just start walking and keep walking until he realizes he's lost. Thank heavens I had enough sense to put a tag on him with our phone number because Gigi let him out a few days ago when I was busy in another room and first thing I knew, the neighbor called and said he was at their house. : At any rate, I think yours probably just wants to be inside and close to you and so the outdoors holds no charm for her.

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    DefaultRe: too much of a diva for the outdoors?

    Do you take Diva off your property for walks? she sounds bored to me. Dogs need to get out of their own backyards for some fun every day. Running around the same area day in day out is dull. I bet if you took her to a park and let her run around off leash she would be a different dog. Same for retrieving. If you try retrieving away from your backyard and somewhere fun like the beach I bet she would love it.

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    DefaultRe: too much of a diva for the outdoors?

    Love the diva's collar! She has such a cute face! Emma only likes to be out if we are out there with her. She prefers company. But youre right..they all have their onw definite likes and dislikes.


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