Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)
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Thread: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

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    DefaultDog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    Well, we just got back from Dog Day! Everyone had a blast!!

    The boys were just hilarious this morning when we were getting ready to go. I swear they knew they were going somewhere different. The level of excitement was off the charts as we were putting on their collars. They know that when we put on collars, we're going somewhere fun But this was way more excited than they get just going to class. ;D Leaping, leaping, leaping!

    We had one negative experience...on the way in someone had their dog on the never-ending flexi, and they were not paying attention to what was going on for jack-squat. > Before we knew what happened, BOTH our dogs were entangled in this ridiculously long flexi (danger, danger...those lines are so thin). Kevin had both leashes at the time, and I was trying frantically to get Simon untangled before he was hurt. He yelped once...not sure if the other dog stepped on him or if it was the flexi. Angus growled once. I was NOT amused, and Kevin and I both railed on the owner to shorten that leash. DUH! You don't walk a 100 lb. dog into a crowd on a flexi let all the way out! Just stupid!!

    Anyway, sorry for the vent! :P

    Otherwise, it was a picture-perfect day! There was sooo much cool shopping. I picked up a Hyperdog flying disc for $6, got the boys a couple of really cool Animal Planet collars for $6 each, and I found THE most PERFECT t-shirt!! It was hand-painted by a local artist. It is a black and yellow dog, and beneath the illustration it says, "Best Friends." ;D There were also tons of freebies, which we loaded up on. Tennis balls, treats, food samples, etc.

    We ran into a couple we took Level 1 with, with Angus. Their dog Fisher is a Chessie. He and Angus LOVED each other, and every class they would play rolly-bitey-face. Today he and Simon became instant friends, and they were playing together SO sweetly while we were chatting. They were so impressed that Angus has gone on to show in Rally, and that both have their CGCs, etc.

    A few of the booths were offering free treats. One of those was the place where we get Angus' and Simon's food. The owner had never met our dogs, so we went over to say hello. Simon promptly propped both feet up on the table and buried his face in the bowl. :-[ She told him to save some for the other dogs. I think I should have really been monitoring the treats more closely, as Angus had a very runny poo mid-afternoon. : Oops. I thought I was OK, as I was only letting them accept treats from booths I knew to be high-end, but apparently something slipped through that was the doggie equivalent of a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho. Oh well, he seems no worse for wear.

    We noticed they had set up a Rally and an Agility course on one end!!! Oh boy!!! Free practice!!! I did some Rally with Angus and some Agility with Simon. Both did great! I was especially proud of Angus, as there were all sorts of dogs just milling about, trying it out, and Angus stayed focused on me very nicely! This was really great, because he's not used to working in an outside ring, in the grass, with other dogs sniffing his butt as he goes through the course. Simon looked like a little pro out there, taking the tunnels and the jumps. Kevin took some pictures - I hope they come out!

    There was also a booth staffed by a boarding kennel, the most upscale in town. It's called "The Farm at Natchez Trace." VERY pricey, but bar none the classiest joint in town for boarding your pups. That's where I got their collars and the t-shirt. They had their doggie masseuse in the booth, giving doggie massages. Both boys got a massage. Although I don't think Angus really noticed. I think he thought this was just practice for the "Examination by a stranger" part of the CGC. He tolerated it, as long as I was standing over him telling him to stay. :P Simon, on the other hand, as you would expect, rolled over like a little rag doll and let her do whatever she wanted, then slipped her a kiss on the mouth. I got pictures of their massages too.

    We also met a guy who has a dog training/daycare facility in a neighboring county. He had a six month old Golden who was just like butter, he was so sweet and gentle. When the trainer said he was six months old, I said, "Wow! He is so calm! How can he be this calm at six months!"

    "Because I made him that way. I can make any dog be that way."


    "Oh really? How do you do that?" :P I love screwing with KIAs.

    "By training them! I don't give them choices. I tell them what I want and they do it!"

    "Really? What kind of training methods do you use?"

    "Positive and correction. I tell them they do good, then when they do bad I just do this (jerks on choke collar). It's all about dominance. I can make them play, too! But then I make them stop when I want them to!"

    Fascinating. : Oh, you'd have had to be there. He seemed very Cesar Milan-ish, minus the polish. Just the claims of, "I can teach any dog to be this way!" got me. My my, we are very confident, aren't we? Dude, you need five minutes with Angus to teach you to be a little bit humble.

    I continued the quiz for a few minutes until I was convinced that he wasn't going to show any kind of humility at all, or admit that the dog was a little tired from the day's activities, or that it was a very soft dog, etc. and I moved on. But he did give me some free water with minerals and electrolytes, and sold me the Hyper dog disc for $6, so he wasn't all bad.

    I don't know why our club doesn't have a presence at these things. ??? This would be such a great opportunity for outreach to the community.

    Anyway, what fun we all had! I have two very tired doggies lying on the floor right now, fast asleep.

    Connie and "The Boys":
    Angus, Yellow Lab, CGC, RE, CD
    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

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    DefaultRe: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    I wish they had something like that here sounds like you had a great time.

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    ThatsMyGirl Guest

    DefaultRe: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    Wow ... what a day. You always have the greatest stories. We have something like that here once a year ... called the Pet Expo. Was this the same thing? It sort of sounds like it.

    Glad you had a great day. Bet everyone is pooped (oh, and speaking of poop ~ hope Simon "firms" up ;D)

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    DefaultRe: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    omg! I want to live in your town! This sounds like soooo much fun! And you always describe things so well. You need to start a blog, Connie..serously.

    rolling my eyes at Mr Cesar Milan man.. ugh.

    lmao @ Simon's face in the bowl! That would be Emma, for sure.

    Cant wait to see pics! Did you get a pic of Simon helping himself to the treats? That, I'd love to see. And did the doggy masseuse give free samples to humans? I would have stood in line for that.
    Sounds like you all had an awesome day.

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    DefaultRe: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    That sounds like sooo much fun!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Dog Day was great!! (No pics yet, just stories)

    I wish they'd have something like that near us! It sounds like such a blast and ya gotta love freebies The best I could do this weekend so far was raiding the pet supplies clearance rack at Shopko, and scooping up about 6 new toys for Buddy for around $1.00 apiece. :-\



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