Frustrated by indoor accident
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Thread: Frustrated by indoor accident

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    DefaultFrustrated by indoor accident

    Some background: Dutch is about 2 1/2 y.o. and I adopted him six months ago. He is a WONDERFUL dog and was totally trained when I got him. He had two accidents in the house when I first got him: he peed on the floor once here, and another time at our house in the mountains (on his first visit there). In retrospect, I think he was just marking his territory, because he NEVER did it again, and that boy can really hold it. Sometimes when I take him out after he's been inside for a long time, I think that stream will never stop.

    Yesterday, when I left the house to do some errands it was raining so I left Dutch in the kitchen. When I do that I close the door to the family room, slide a wooden icebox across the doorway from the breakfast room into the entry way, and put an antique table that is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, across the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room; I then place two very heavy dining room chairs against the table on the dining room side.

    I was gone for two hours, and when I got home Dutch wasn't in the kitchen, and there was a nasty smell in the house. When I called him, he appeared in the dining room on the other side of the table, and he had left me a nice "gift" on the hardwood floor.

    BUT WAIT, THIS ISN'T WHY I'M UPSET: I couldn't be mad at him for not being able to wait...he had eaten just before I left and I was gone for two hours. I couldn't be mad at him...when you gotta go, you gotta go; I thought that he probably felt bad for going inside but just couldn't hold it any longer. I tried to get him to go before I left, but I didn't have enough time to stand outside and say "Go poop" again & again until he went.

    No, I am upset because this morning I was playing ball with him in the hall, and after several runs down the hall to get the ball, he decided to take a bathroom break and started to poop in the family room just outside the hall. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?

    I yelled "NO!!!", and I hate to admit it, but I whacked his butt once and threw him outside. Why do you suppose he did that? Now I'll worry about inappropriate bathroom behavior going forward. He has a crate and he slept in it for the the first three weeks or so until he proved to be trustworthy, but he doesn't like it, and I hate to put him in it.

    Any suggestions? Do you think he learned anything by being yelled at and thrown outside? Hopefully he won't be afraid of me for whacking him once on the butt; if anyone could make me feel better about having done this, it would be much appreciated.

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    DefaultRe: Frustrated by indoor accident

    I have no answer about why he had the 2nd incident. How was his poop? Does it seem normal, or could he have an upset stomach? Any dietary changes? Any new treats or toys? Is he acting normal otherwise?

    If you whacked him only one time on the butt - you are probably feeling worse about it today than he is. I have given Taffy one or 2 light swats over the years.

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    DefaultRe: Frustrated by indoor accident

    Did you clean the area with something like Nature's Miracle? If you didn't no matter how well you cleaned it he can still smell it.

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    DefaultRe: Frustrated by indoor accident

    Make sure the smell is completely gone, use an enzyme cleaner that will remove it completely. Were they normal poops? Is he sick? I would start to wonder does he have a stomach bug going on, being that he can hold the pee for so long. Are his anal glands blocked and he is not feeling the pressure that signals hm to ask to go out.


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