Two Labs Need Help!!
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Thread: Two Labs Need Help!!

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    DefaultTwo Labs Need Help!!

    I received this message this afternoon and wanted to ensure it reached as many folks as possible, so I am posting it here:

    Chocolate Labs need a home. Read their story!
    Please forward to folks who may know of someone for these two grieving Labs who lost their "parent"/owner two weeks ago. They are in Galveston, but transportation can be arranged. Their “Dad” died 3 years ago and their “mom” passed away 2 weeks ago. We have been looking for a home but nothing so far. Right now they are living alone at their house. We go out twice a day and spend as much time as we can with them, but we're going to have to get rid of the house soon, so we must find a place for them. They are both older dogs and need a place to spend their golden years together. Molly is 9 and Harley is 10.
    Harley's nickname is Bucket Head. If anybody knows anyone that might be interested, or knows of a no kill shelter please let me
    know. Please pass their photos around as time is running out.
    Thanks,Karen L.
    Direct Dial: 409/761-4030
    Fax: 409/763-2879

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    DefaultRe: Two Labs Need Help!!

    What a sad story. Sorry I can't help but try contacting the Texas Lab Rescue. Maybe they have some advice.

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    DefaultRe: Two Labs Need Help!!

    Awww...that's so sad. There are a lot of awesome rescues in the Texas Area. Too bad Crockett's Mom isn't QUITE ready yet. Hey Rebecca! That would be an AWESOME Anniversary present! lol

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    DefaultRe: Two Labs Need Help!!

    That is such a sad story and I truly wish I could help but we live in a small house with a small back yard and I put down a deposit for a puppy 2 weeks ago... I'm am very sorry that I can't be of any help. I wish you luck in finding them a home! Please let us know how things work out!

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    DefaultRe: Two Labs Need Help!!

    Sorry I can't help.
    So sad...hope they find forever homes...together.
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
    Honolulu, Hawaii



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