Shadow is doing great
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    DefaultShadow is doing great

    At 5 months old,Shadow is already housebroke.I done nothing really to train him to be.Just had him crated and taking him out when needed and play time of course.He goes to the door and sits by it and if you are not paying attention to him,he nudges you with his nose and walks back to the door.No barking or anything.
    He also is not anippy dog,rarely does he try to nip at anyone including the kids,he does knock them down sometimes but due to his size,its not surprising,he can knock me down almost.
    But he eats everything.He searches most of the time for something to get into his mouth or things that don't fit lol.I try to distract him with his toys but that doesn't last long.
    He is my first full blooded Lab,and I thought I may have some training issues with him seeing how he came from a puppy mill and the woman was in it for money not quality of breed,in fact I have no papers fro him,but that is ok with me,he is a pet not for show.But he is one of the smartest dogs I have been around.

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    DefaultRe: Shadow is doing great

    Good Boy Shadow

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    DefaultRe: Shadow is doing great

    very sweet looking baby


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