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    Each morning we deliver one of my daycare boys to school. Today it was just pouring buckets of rain when it was time to leave, but there is no alternative, I have to walk in the rain. So everyone has boots and raincoats on, baby in stroller, secure and dry. We head out the door into the backyard to exit through the gate, no Buck??????? I turn around and he is back inside the kitchen with a look of "uh, I don't think so". So i try to entice him out, "uh, no way mom, its thunderin' and raining". Ok now we are late and all the kids are just soaked and we havn't left the yard. So I closed the patio door and walked away into the driveway with the kids. Buck starts barking and bouncing off the door, so i go back and get him. He came willingly when he figured I'd leave him behind. Half way down the street and Buck decided it might be dryer if he could just walk in between my legs, grrrrrrrrr now my pants are soaked and looks as if I had a pee pee accident. But he thought it was dryer under there. We got the school and dropped off daycare boy then turn to go back and the leash is stuck in the wheel of the stroller. Really really stuck, so i bend down and take 10 minutes to pry the leash out of the wheel in the pouring rain. We arrive back home and everyones clothes are just drenched. I undress all the kids and throw everything in the dryer. Grab a towel and head upstairs. Buck sees the towel and dives right in to my hands. "oh the towel rub, oh mom that feels so good, oh yeah rub good mom, over here, uh you missed a spot" this goes on for about 15 minutes, then he goes and flops on our bed. Wet dog on bed, not good. The lunch time run was ok, just rained a little. Lets just hope this aftenoons return run is better.

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    DefaultRe: This mornings RAIN walk

    Walking in the rain sucks. I can't say I blame Buck.

    My Maisy totally refuses to go out in the rain. I have to strap her leash on and litterally DRAG her out of the door. Even when we are actually out walking she sulks until we get back in.

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    DefaultRe: This mornings RAIN walk

    HAH! I love the picture of Buck trying to walk between your legs. ;D

    Seamus and Flynn


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