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    My 3 year old lab was running in the yard yesterday. All of the sudden she started crying and limping. She took pressure of her right rear leg. I laid her down and checked her leg. I was able to move her leg around in all directions (slowly). My wife is an RN. She also felt around the leg and did some movement test. The Dog didn't mind us moving her leg around. She actually seemed to enjoy it. She is not acting any diffrent. This morning she had her leg up. But she was still acting normal. Wagging her tail, going out in the yard through her doggy door several times. She seems normal beside holding her leg up. Do you think this is just a sprain of some sort? Should we just let her rest and wait to see if it gets better? :-\

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    If it is not better today, I would probably have it checked out. It could be many things...a sprain, or an ACL injury, since it happened suddenly.

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    I would have it checked out...sounds like an ACL but i hope it's just a sprain.


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