Toby's first night
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    It went way smoother than expected. The wresting match finally came to a close around 9:30 last night and around 10:00 we all went upstairs to go to bed. I wanted to baby gate the stairs off to prevent him from going down stairs and getting into something but the hubby said just give him a chance first so we did. Haley got in her usual position smashed up next to me on the bed and Toby got up there and made himself comfortable but when dad came to bed he bailed to his bed on the floor and slept there the entire night. When the alarm went off all too early this morning Haley and Toby greeted each other with a kiss and we all went on a wild walk. Lines crossing every which way but they both managed to do their business and it was back to the house for breakfast. I got dressed took them out one more time and he got in his crate (with a little bribery from a treat) and off I went. Today is the hardest not knowing anything about him but he can't get into much if he's in a crate. He does have some aggression when it comes to bones but hey..if that's as bad as it gets I'll take it. When he growls I just give him a firm no take the bone away and give it to Haley who in return usually gives it right back to him but it's nothing to freak out about. Wish Toby luck today in the crate...8 hours of work is going to kill me today!

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    Sounds like Toby is settling right in and he and Haley are becoming fast friends!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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