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    DefaultOn vacation!! :)

    Yep, we are on vacation right now. We came to Atlanta and South Carolina, first on a pick up Bunny and as we did travel such a long distance (from Costa Rica to US) might as well stay a few days and visit ;D Bear came with us and she was a champion, she did behave really good as far on the flying part.

    I was worried all thoughout the 2 flights here, we almost miss the connection from Miami to Atlanta and I was worried she wouldnt make it to the plane , well my husband luggage didnt make it but she did ;D.

    I didnt take pictures of Bunny :-[ but I dont have much time to post them either. I will take pictures on Saturday when we pick her up to go home and will take lots more in the following days. It was funny to see Bear's reaction to the puppies, she ran away and was sort of afraid of those fast little creatures. She did warn one of the girls and I was very careful, as I know she is not as social, but she later she did try to play with the one that will be her sister and also with one of the adult labs. BTW we get our girl from Miss Molly's recent litter (Izzy's Molly)

    Well, gotta go I have a whole day of visiting and some time to organize all the things we bought :-[

    I wil keep you updated and as soon as we get to Costa Rica and have a little time, will pict pictures. ;D

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    DefaultRe: On vacation!! :)

    Congratulations! Have a safe trip back. Can't wait to see pics!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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