WOW...I'm so proud of my little Rascal
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Thread: WOW...I'm so proud of my little Rascal

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    DefaultWOW...I'm so proud of my little Rascal

    Been working with him on sitting before he gets his food. He use to jump up and down,and that is unexectable in our home. Even though he is only ten/eleven weeks old I do not want him to have this type of behavior when he is a much bigger dog. So,the last two/three days I will tell him "sit" before I put his food down. Today he did it every time he got his meal. I was SOOOO proud of him. He is learning so much right now. Can't wait til he has ALL his puppy vaccinations(people we got him from did not vaccinate the pups at six we are a vaccination behind) so I can start taking him out for walks in the neighborhood and meeting new playmates.

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    DefaultRe: WOW...I'm so proud of my little Rascal

    Good boy, Rascal!! Your Mommy is on the right track in training you to be a wonderful lab. Like they all say, nip it in the bud.

    Will look foward to more Rascal stories as he grows.

    (and thanks for the sig pic)
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
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