Dani posted the essay I am Your Puppy and I couldnt help but take it and modify it to reflect how I feel about Tal. I hope I haven't broken any laws...but somehow I just couldn't resist. I am off on Fall Break from school this week so I am getting to spend alot of time with him and this kinda sums it all up...here goes and I hope you like it.

You Are My Puppy

You are my Puppy, and I will love you until the end of the Earth. I’ve heard a few things about you.

You are my Puppy, and I know your intelligence and capacity for learning are the same as an 8-month-old child but you are very smart and learn quickly. You are my Puppy and will chew EVERYTHING you can get your teeth on. I know this is how you explore and learn about the world. Even HUMAN children put things in their mouths. I want to gently guide you to what is ok to chew and what is not.

You are my Puppy; and I have someone come and let you potty when I cannot for any length of time because I know you can’t hold your bladder for longer than 1 - 2 hours yet. I know you can not "feel" that you need to poop until it is actually beginning to come out. You cannot vocalize nor tell me that you need to go, and you won’t have good "bladder and bowel control" until 6 - 9 months. I will never punish you if I have not let you out for 3 hours and you tinkle. It is my fault. Since you’re a Puppy, I try and remember that you NEED to go potty after: Eating, sleeping, playing, drinking and around every 2 - 3 hours in addition. I you want me to sleep through the night, but I know sometimes you are very active and need water especially when it is hot outside. I provided you with a crate to help you learn to live inside easier, and it is a place you can call “your room”.

You are my Puppy, accidents HAVE happened, and it is a joy to be patient with you! In your 5 weeks with me you have already learned outside is where the potty is. I have occasionally missed your clear signal. I am trying to do better.

You are my Puppy and love to play. You will run around, and chase imaginary monsters, and chase my feet and my toes and 'attack' you, and chase fuzz balls, other pets, and small kids. It is play; it's what I do. I am not mad at you for this. In fact I cherish it and am enjoying it with you. Your high energy is fun and is teaching me to let go and enjoy today and the time we share together. Perhaps one day I will get a rescue, but I love playing with you! Your play is beneficial, use I am using my wisdom and knowledge to guide you in your play with appropriate toys, and activities like chasing a rolling ball, or gentle tug games, or plenty of chew toys for you. I have continued to be consistent about the nipping and gently communicating in ways you understand that it is not ok to nip at a human. You have made great progress and continue to do well! When you get too rough, I just ignore you for a few moments, or put you in my crate since that usually means you are tired and need to rest awhile.

You are my Puppy and I have never nor will I ever yell, hit, strike, kick or beat a 6-month-old human infant, and I have not nor will I do that to you. You am delicate, and also very impressionable. I will never treat you harshly now because I want you to continue to develop the friendly, loving personality you have. I am trying hard to guide you with encouragement and wisdom. For instance, if you are chewing something wrong, I say, "No chew!" and hand you a toy I CAN chew. I have cleared out everything I do not want you to chew that I can, especially things that would cause harm to you. I know you can't tell the difference between my old sock and my new sock, or an old sneaker and my $100 Adidas.

You are my Puppy with feelings and drives much like my own, but yet also very different. Although you are NOT a human in a dog suit, neither are you an unfeeling robot who can instantly obey my every whim. I know by your actions that you truly DO want to please me, and be a part of my life. I got you (without hesitation) because I want a loving partner and companion, and I will never toss you aside when you get bigger, I would never judge you at all, harshly or otherwise, but want to mold you with gentleness and guidelines and training into the kind of family member you can be.

You are my Puppy and I sometimes think you are perfect but I know that neither of us is perfect. I love you anyway. I have learned and continue to learn all I can about training, and puppy behaviors and caring for you from our veterinarian, books on dog care and even researching on the computer! I learned about Labradors and it's "characteristics", and that knowledge has given me understanding and insight into WHY you do all the things you do. I am trying to teach you with love, patience, the right way to behave and socialize you with training in a puppy class or obedience class when you have had all your shots. That will be yet one more way we will BOTH have a lot of fun together and continue to build that bond of trust and mutual respect for eachother.

You are my Puppy and have shown me that you love me, like to be with me, and to please me. I continue to take time to understand how you work and I continue to be amazed at what a wonderful loyal companion you are becoming. We are the same you and I, in that we both feel hunger, pain, thirst, discomfort, fear, but yet we are also very different and must work to understand one anther's language, body signals, wants and needs. You are a handsome dog, and I am already so proud of you I could just bust and I hope you see me as a loyal and trustworthy companion who will always do his best for you.

Your Faithful Dad