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    I'm taking Molly to the vet tomorrow morning due to a weeks worth of diarehha and vomit last night. I need to bring a stool sample. I'm guessing she wont poop tommorrow morning because I'm not suppose to feed her. So I guess I should take a sample when she poops tonight.

    Do you think tonights poop will be ok for a stool sample tomorrow? Should I stick it in the fridge overnight?

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    DefaultRe: Stool Sample question

    Yes. I always pick up the sample the night before, put it in a Ziploc baggie, then into another container, then into a brown bag, pop it in the fridge and label well.

    Good luck at the vet's office.

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    DefaultRe: Stool Sample question

    If she poops tomorrow, be sure to bring a fresh one. The fresher the better!

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    DefaultRe: Stool Sample question

    Yes it will be okay. They can also take a sample there. If it's all runny poop, I'd let them take the sample

    Sure hope she feels better soon.


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