More on this later, but this past weekend I spent composing, playing, and recording a waltz on my Yamaha electronic keyboard. Dukesmom has always wanted me to write a waltz for her but she thinks I would do it on the guitar, an instrument I can actually play. I play by ear as I can't read music.
I also have never played the piano but I have plunked around. The Yamaha is actually a synthesizer so it can make any musical sound as well as preprogramed accompnament.
I selected the right waltz accompanament and recorded the melody and chorus. Then I added a left hand piano track, then a right hand piano track ( I am totally incapable of playing both hands at the same time), then a string track, and finally an organ track.
I started Friday night and went through Saturday before finishing my first "draft"
What took so long is trying to get through the whole four minutes without making a mistake on any track. If I did, and did so frequently, I would have to erase that track and re-record it.
I had three tracks complete and was working on the most difficult track, the organ.
Now enter Duke. Take after take I could not make it all the way through without hitting a wrong note. Finally, I had made it to within ten seconds of a successful track when Duke slipped up behind me and tried to push his tennis ball into my right hand. ARGGHHHHHHHHH. > > > I almost felt like leaving his "contribution" on the track but when he hit my hand the resulting chord was so bad it really ruined the whole song.
Needless to say he spent the rest of the recording session on the deck looking in.
I now plan to re-record three of the tracks because I know I can greatly improve them after listening to them separately without all of the other tracks added in.
I have a month left but finding the time to work when Dukesmom isn't around will be tough.
When Completed I will then post it on my web site so everyone can hear my "masterpiece".

BTW, Last weekend Dukesmom and a friend were at an antiques fair and she came home with a 1927 Victor Victrola that was one of the first electric motor driven models. It came with four albums of old 78 records.