I was so excited today!
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Thread: I was so excited today!

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultI was so excited today!

    I was on the phone this afternoon talking to a friend of mine. It became a very LONG phone call and I hate to say it i was getting bored . So what do I do? I start playing with Dakota.
    One of the things I do is I snap my fingers to get them to look at me. If I am on the phone or for some reason am unable to ask them to look at me I wanted them to know when I snap to look. Well Dakota was in front of me I snapped and pointed to the floor (sit). She was right on that sit and not thinking I snapped my fingers again and put my hand out to face her(five). What did she do? She gave me five. I screamed with joy and told her what a good girl she was and then remembered I was still on the phone lol. I have tried FOREVER to try to get Dakota to shake and give me five. So AFTER I got off the phone we tried it some more! She gave me five again.. Then I asked her to shake my hand. Now after I got done with her I noticed shes shaking/fiving with the wrong hand. But I really don't care! I was just excited she did it! I had given up and decided shes like copper doesn't want her feet played with like that... but SHE DID IT!!!
    Okay sorry I'm done thank you for letting me share.

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    DefaultRe: I was so excited today!

    Thank you for sharing. It is so nice when the penny drops and they show you they have been listening after all.

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    DefaultRe: I was so excited today!

    WTG Dakota!!!! Thats just great!
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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I was so excited today!

    I was so excited and proud. Then I remembered I was on the phone.
    And people asks whats so great about dogs.... Geez they just don't get it!!!

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    Mybabymambo Guest

    DefaultRe: I was so excited today!

    Good girl Dakota. WTG.. Moments like that are the best.


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