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    DefaultService dogs...

    How do they get exercise?

    I've been wondering this for a while. Is the mental stimulation of "working" enough for them? Does someone come and take them somewhere to play/exercise if their owner cannot?

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    One of my former students had a service dog and she exercised him every night. After dinner, the dog was "off duty" and got to run around, play and not have any duties. One of her brothers would take the dog running with him 3 times a week. So, I'm sure most people do the same thing.

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    DefaultRe: Service dogs...

    I met a service dog at the dog park. His owner is blind.
    A friend gets the dog every night and takes him to the park to play.

    Puebla (ML's dog) is a service dog, and I know she loves to play also, when not working. Maybe she'll see this thread and reply.
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