Sick at Home w/ Dr. Dog
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Thread: Sick at Home w/ Dr. Dog

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    DefaultSick at Home w/ Dr. Dog

    I'm stuck at home with pneumonia (the walking kind, though they said to rest, not walk!) and Stoops is absolutely glued to me. It's the first time in weeks that it's just been he and I, and I think he is in heaven!

    All summer he went to work with me, so he gots tons of one on one time, but since then he's had to share with me with the rest of the family. He's so cute and lovey dovey!

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    DefaultRe: Sick at Home w/ Dr. Dog

    Labs are the best medicine! Feel better soon!

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    DefaultRe: Sick at Home w/ Dr. Dog

    Sounds like Stoops is taking good care of you. I hope he makes you feel better soon.

    Stoops is a cutie! I love the avatar pic.


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