What is with PEOPLE??
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Thread: What is with PEOPLE??

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    DefaultWhat is with PEOPLE??

    I noticed the other day that the people that live behind us have a lab - The poor guy is in a fence in their fenced in yard - all he has is a house and a bucket of water Makes me so mad, the little guy was over there all alone when I was out playing with Crockett, he was whimpering - I want to go and talk to the people but my husband says it is not a good idea - I was so upset yesterday worrying about him with all the storms - Any suggestions on what I can do - I was thinking about seeing if they wanted to have their dog come over to play to see what these ppl were all about - I really feel bad for him...

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    DefaultRe: What is with PEOPLE??

    I don't like that either. Hopefully they take some time to let him out and play with him/her.

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    DefaultRe: What is with PEOPLE??

    Sigh...Whaddya do with people? I think your idea for inviting them over for play dates is a good one. That way you can see if they're bad dog owners or just ignorant of their dog's needs. Of course, if they're not interested in your invitation then I guess I'd assume bad dog owners. Perhaps in that case you could call animal services and see if they have any suggestions. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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    DefaultRe: What is with PEOPLE??

    Is it a puppy?

    If he's got a shelter and water, then that's not too bad. Maybe they have to leave him out there while they're working, ya know?
    I think it's a good idea for you to offer to bring him over to play during the day!!!!!

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    DefaultRe: What is with PEOPLE??

    I like the play date idea too. Maybe you could phrase it like, "gee, my lab would love to have some company. Do you think yours could come over to play sometime?" Make it sound like THEY would be be doing YOU the favor.

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    DefaultRe: What is with PEOPLE??

    I would hate having to see that too. I agree with the others. If you ask for a play date maybe you could get a better feel for the situation, and at least the little guy with have some fun with Crockett!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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