Need Help...Griffin (UPDATE AT TOP)
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    DefaultNeed Help...Griffin (UPDATE AT TOP)


    Thank you all for the advice on taking him tonight, I am glad I did.

    I faxed everything I wrote here to the vet, so he atleast had everything in front of him when examining Griffin. This is a newer vet and one that I have not met in the practice.

    So, some fo this information I got from my Dad and some I received from the vet himself when my Dad called me via cell phone.

    First, Griffin promptly vomited in the Dr's office, so atleast the Dr got to see the consistency, etc.

    They did xrays, CBC plus chemistry, and gave him 2 injections. Xrays show possible concern, there is a spot where it appears the intestines are bunched up a little. So, they are wondering about obstruction.

    Because he acts pretty normal, running around, playing, etc...he gave him 2 injections, one for vomiting and the other for diarrhea and we will give it 24 hours and see how he does. If he develops pain, is lethargic, etc....then we go immediately to the ER Vet. If there is no improvement by tomorrow, then we go back, they redo the xrays and we see if the picture has changed.

    They gave us a few cans of low residue food, we are going to start that in the morning....I still have the question about today....but since I wasnt there...I just have to go on what my Dad said.

    Please pray for Griffin, I really dont want to encounter another obstruction surgery (we went through this with Harley). ...

    I will keep you updated, thanks for thinking of us.


    Hi All,

    I need some help....a couple of you were kind enough to help me on Saturday, but now I am wondering what I should do....

    Here is the history:

    1:30 pm - Came home from store, Griffin had pooped in his cage, not much, but a little...seemed normal.* At the time, I thought it was unusual that I only saw so little and wondered if he actually ate some.* *

    3:00 pm -* Griffin vomited in my bedroom.* It was thicker, mixed with food and he hadnt eaten anything but a couple of biscuits since the night before.* As I am cleaning it up my daughter yells from her bedroom....

    There was very watery diarrhea in her room.* *I honestly dont know when this happened as nobody was in her room until now.* *

    Gave him a small amount of water, he drank just a little.

    3:30 pm - Dogs were inside and all of a sudden, Griffin vomits on the carpet.* No warning, nothing...just vomited.* No heaving or anything.* This was a brown watery mixture with just a little food.* *Covered about a 1ft x 1ft section.

    He immediately runs to the back door but on his way there he stops in the dining room and throws up again.* *Still very, very watery, brown, and mucousy; this time, it covers about a 2ft x 1.5ft section (on the tile).

    Per advice from members here, I withheld food and water (except about 3 ice cubes) and he did grab half a banana and part of a biscuit....but he seemed normal the rest of the night.* * Slept all night...


    Fine in morning, gave a few ice cubes, all is well.

    5:00pm -- We had been gone for about 4 hours and came home to find diarrhea in his crate.* *Not sure how much, didnt seem like a lot though.* *But it was on his blanket, which is why it was hard to determine the amount.* *

    5:15pm - As I am cleaning up the diarrhea, I put him in the shower with my daughter as he stinks....

    I offer him a very small bowl of Pedialyte...he drinks just a couple of licks....and walks away.

    A little bit after his bath, he throws up again.* *Seems same as Saturday, brown, watery, has a little mucous and it smells..... (at this point, I wonder if he drank water from his bath)

    I gave him 1 Pepto Bismol tablet (Children's Strength) and start making him some rice, as he hasnt had anything for 24 hours.

    8:00ish -- I gave him 2 tablespoons of cooked rice with a tiny bit of scrambled egg, also put in about 1 teaspoon of Pedialyte.* *And, gave 2 ice cubes.

    10:00pm -- Since he kept it down,* I offered a little more....little bit of rice with the rest of the egg.

    He is acting normal for the most part, is alert, etc...* The only thing that strikes me as off are his eyes.* They look puffy almost....

    11:00pm -- We go to bed

    He was up ALL NIGHT CRYING!* * Now, this was his usual I want to go outside whine, but since this is so unusual, it kept us up and guessing all night.* *We let him out,* he didnt want to go out....we came in, fed him a little more rice, a dog biscuit, and a few more cubes....he devours this.

    He cries, he sleeps, he cries, he sleeps....have no clue what is going on with him.

    We wonder if he is hungry (he should be, right?) so we fix him some rice...he eats it....gave some more cubes, he eats those too.

    He sleeps a little....cries more....we go outside, he pees...nothing else.

    We start all over, giving him a piece of bread (ran out of rice) and another dog biscuit...some more cubes.....

    Some how, we manage this way until 6 am...when we all get up to start the day.* *He goes outside, ask husband to watch him to see if he poops or has diarrhea...but we are amidst getting ready for school, so we put him on his lead and get the kids ready.

    We bring him inside...he acts fine.* *Eyes are quite right, they seem puffy....weird.* *Go to check outside and dont see anything abnormal.* *BUT, we dont know if he pooped or not...

    Go to work....I go home at noon, crate is clean...he goes out to pee....

    So, here is my I take him to the vet tonight?* We have an appointment at 5pm, but I cant take him, my Dad will.* *And, this isnt our regular vet, he is out until next week.* Not that I dont trust my Dad, I do....its just that he isnt as doggy savvy as we are, kwim? it encouraging that he ate overnight and held it down....and do I wait to see how he is tonight?* *

    I guess my mind if just racing with thoughts....all I can think of is that Remington is sick and Griffin is his brother....I admit, I am an overprotective Mom and I worry.

    Thanks for reading my novel....what would you do?* Take him to the vet today or wait and see how he is and take him tomorrow if needed?


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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    Tough call - If he still has diareah when he goes out I probably would take him. You might want to take a fecal sample along. Even if your Dad is real savy to the whole thing you can always call the vet after and make sure of what he tells you.

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    If it were me, I'd take him today. I'm a total worrier, and I'd be up all night watching him until I knew he was ok, so I'd take him just to ease my own mind. But I've also been through three intestinal obstruction surgeries with Sam, and when he's thrown up it usually meant he needed to see the vet ASAP.

    Brenda, Sam & Bodie

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    I would take him today, Deb. Ya know what you can do since your Dad would have to take him? Print out what you wrote here detailing everything that has happened over the last couple of days. Either have your Dad take it with him and just let the vet read it himself, or better yet - fax it to them ahead of time!!

    Califon, NJ
    Hunterdon County
    "Each is a creature of Earth and is entitled to reside on it with dignity"

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    I'd keep the appointment too Deb. I don't think it sounds serious but better to be safe. He's holding down rice that's a good sign. I waited when Gunny wasn't acting right and ended up in the ER Vet. I wish now, $1,000 later for strep throat, I would have called my regular vet. Can the vet call you or can you call the office while Griffin is there? Or I think the suggestion of printing out your list of events is a good idea.

    Keep us posted!

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    I would keep the appointment and send your dad w/ a list of "events" (like you did here). The whining thing would have really made me nervous, but then Sami isn't a whiner, so it would strike me as really odd.

    Hope you get some answers!

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    I am with the you can give us an update.

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    ZukinGriffins Mom Guest

    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    Thank you all! I am finishing up my 2 page notes for the vet now!

    My Dad is on his way to my house, so hopefully he will be able to handle this. (I know, I love my Dad....but he is a bit more on the casual side when it comes to pets)

    I will update you all tonight when we get home. Keep your fingers crossed for my Dad and say a prayer that its nothing serious.


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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)


    I am an alarmist, so if it was me I would take him just for MY own peace of mind. If not, I'd be up all night worrying and fussing over the situation.
    So, I'm glad he's going tonight and I'll look forward to the update later on.
    Good luck

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    DefaultRe: Need Help...should I take Griffin to the vet today or tommorrow? (long)

    I know exactly where your at-as Apollo's last emergency trip to the vet my Dad had to take him and is slo very casual about pets-If you have any concerns after the visit-as I did-call the vet, I am sure we are not the only nervous mommy's that have ever done it.

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