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    OK so we have had this problem since we got Tater. He barks all the time, always barking no matter what is going on. Even if you are sitting next to him. If we have him in the kitchen say while we are eating or just have him in there just because he sits at the baby gate and barks. In is cage because we are doing something and he is under our feet he barks. I know most of the time its because he wants to sit with us. But he still barks sitting next to us. Plus half the time he wont sit down, and I am not able to sit down without him getting up. And I am still beside him. Starting to get to the point of driving me crazy. He sits in his cage on the moring I cant have him up stairs barking and whinning. Is this normal for a dog that is 1 year old? Is this ever going to stop? And he gets plent of exercise. Take him running or even take him to the park and all he does is bark. We play with him throuhg out the night and stilll barks when we walk away. I dont know what to do with him. DRIVING ME CRAZY. Can anyone help me. Does anyone or has anyone ever used that bark collar. It sends out a little shock to the dog when he barks. I know that isnt good but I have seen one that I can control that way he doesnt think barking when someone is at the door is bad. I want him to bark when that happens. Just dont want him to bark just cause.

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    No, it is not normal for a dog to bark all the time. It might be normal for YOUR dog but that doesn't mean to say it is acceptable.

    Reading through your post it sounds to me like he is barking for attention. Have you tried removing him from the room each time he barks? no doubt this will take a while for the dog to figure out its barking is getting nowhere, but I have seen this technique work. It requires a lot of patience. Try this before you try a bark collar.

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    Tater Guest

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    WEll we live in a town home so when he barks I dont have anywhere really to put him except in the kitchen because the bedrooms are up stairs. So the other night I put him in the garage because he sat there and barked the whole night and it got to the point of pissing me off. IT wasnt hot out there and he had the fan with the door open. Plus we were going out there time to time doing darts and stuff like that. I will try this before moving on to the collar. I have tried everything, thinking if I tire him out he wouldnt bark but that didnt help and just made me more tired them him. But thank you for the advice.


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