Lake Placid with my lab....Any suggestions?
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Thread: Lake Placid with my lab....Any suggestions?

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    DefaultLake Placid with my lab....Any suggestions?

    Next Thursday I am driving the 3 hours (with Lexie) to Lake Placid to visit my husband who is going to be there for work.* Supposedly Lake Placid, NY is a pretty pet-friendly place to visit so we are hoping this turns out to be true once we get there.* The longest car ride Lexie has been on was about half the length of this trip too, so it should be an adventure!* We found a great little place to stay where Lexie is more than welcome.* We have mapped out some trails to hike along and of course she will get to play in the lake.* I'm still unsure about meals for us, since we can't leave her in the room unattended and there were only 2 restaurants listed online with outdoor seating which allowed dogs, and it is getting quite cold there already so I don't know about eating outside anyway.* I guess we will have to order in alot!* This will also be Lexie's first time in a hotel type setting.* I am nervous that she will bark a lot. If I can manage to remember my camera, I will post some pictures when we return.

    Anyone who has been there have any suggestions about places to go or see or things for the 3 of us to do?*

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    DefaultRe: Lake Placid with my lab....Any suggestions?

    I think most of the hotels and motels in Lake Placid have trail maps available. I would suggest hiking in the area. They have all sorts of trails with varying ability levels.Cobble Hill and Whiteface Landing are easy hikes. My SU and I spend alot of time in the Adirondacks,all though we don't spend much time in LP unless it's winter (skiing). I don't think eating outdoors is going to be too comfortable,cold front is moving in Weds. I really don't have any particular favorite restaurants or activities in Lake Placid we always have a great time when were there.
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