Molly's side of the story...
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Thread: Molly's side of the story...

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    DefaultMolly's side of the story...

    Hey pups and peeps this is Molly here. I suggest that you not believe anything that Stacey says. I have only been doing what a good lab should do. I chewed up a flipflop, chewed up the expensive ear piece mommy had and I've been closing my ears really tight when they give me commands. Hey if I don't wanna come then I'm not gonna, and come on who needs to lay down when there's things to steal, tables to jump on and counters to surf?!

    I also do not see what is wrong with jumping all over people, knocking them over and making them say bad words, all I want is their attention...sheesh!!!! Stacey says we need to go back to square one of training and she's going to let me know that nothing in life comes free, that I have to work for it all. This is an outrage!!!! Somebody call the SPCA or put me in a lab rescue, I will NOT stand for this terrible treatment!!

    Maybe I do need to be good, but for now I just wanna be a puppy, is that so wrong?! Training is no fun and neither is listening...this is gonna suck pups

    your friend molly (monster)
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Molly's side of the story...

    Molly, Scotty, here. You know, training is not too bad ifn you get a lot of treats, and you usually do. And countersuring would not be a problem if humans did not leave things on the counter, so maybe your mommy needs to go to training school on this one.


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